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    Borrowing money is now easy with our online loan service. With our 24-hour funding scheme, you don’t have to worry about getting emergency cash. Also, you can enjoy a repayment period of 1 and 60 months for $1500 loans.
    Money-Wise will assist you in securing payday loans worth $1500, even with a bad credit history. We work hard to connect your loan application to a reputable U.S loan provider that will grant you a payday loan at affordable rates.
    What’s better? It does not take much of your time to apply for secured guaranteed loans on our platform. Also, the application process is easy and does not leave any dent in your credit score. So, if you are tired of fraudulent online lenders and would love to enjoy personal loans from reputable payday lenders, you must consider applying for our $1500 bad credit payday loan.

    Our Responsibilities

    Although we do not directly give out loans, we act as bad credit loan brokers. As such, we ensure that you get affordable payday loans that suit your description and can help you to meet your needs. We understand how challenging it can be to keep a good credit score. Hence, we liaise with online lenders to ensure you can enjoy personal loans with bad credit scores.
    You also don’t have to worry about vetting these payday lenders because we only work with top-tier, government-approved lenders. In such a case, you will not find any issues with the lenders we link you with for personal loans.

    The Perfect Fit

    Most people believe you must have a perfect credit history to obtain a payday loan from money lenders. Over time, we have worked to debunk that claim. Although this was previously the case, our bad credit lenders consider several factors and provide loan amounts for their borrowers.
    We recognize that some personal loan services take advantage of a bad credit score to charge exorbitant rates on any loan amount issued to clients. We assure you that the brands we will link you with do not take advantage of your credit score to collect outrageous fees. Instead, these brands work hard to ensure that you can build a good-enough credit score to help you venture into mainstream lending.

    Soft Search

    One of the features that make us stand out among other bad credit lending services is our Soft Search feature. This feature allows us to confirm your credit history without impacting your score. We do this using advanced technology that only analyzes your account without negatively impacting your credit score.
    You can also check whether you pre-qualify for our $1500 bad credit loan amount without causing any damage to your credit score, as is the case with most lenders.

    How Do Our Payday Loans Work?

    Unlike other lending services, getting a payday loan is relatively easy and has no complications. All you have to do to enjoy affordable $1500 bad credit loans from our service is to follow the three-step process.
    The first step you need to get a 1,500 loan amount into your bank account is to apply online. We will require you to fill in some personal information to help us determine if you pre-qualify for our 1,500 loans. The second important step in your application process is approval. Interestingly, you don’t have to wait long for us to give you feedback on your loan application. If we see that you qualify for a 1,500 loan, you will immediately receive your money, which is the third step.

    How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Our $1,500 Loan?

    Our service links you with reputable brands that give you the best personal loans at affordable interest rates. If you have a good credit score, your loan payments will spread across three years with an interest rate (APR) of 12%. Thus, you will pay about $293.57 in interest. In total, you will pay back $1,793.57 after your repayment period.
    If you have a fair credit report, you can make monthly payments across three years with an annual percentage rate (APR) or interest rate of 20%. The total interest you will incur for this loan will be $506.83. In total, you will pay back $2,006.83 after three years.
    No need to panic if you have a bad credit score; We still have something for you. For our $1,500 loans, you will pay a total of $2,473.40 spread across equal monthly installments for three years. The interest rate is set at 36% (APR), and you will pay about $973.40 in interest.

    Will You Get a 1,500 Dollar Loan With a Bad Credit Score?

    Although you should have at least a fair credit score, you can apply online with us if you have a rocky credit history. Our reputable lenders give installment loans to clients with different financial records. However, you might have noticed that you will have to pay a higher interest rate.
    We understand how challenging it can be to obtain title loans at affordable interest rates, especially with an imperfect credit history. Hence, we always consider all applications and ensure that we have an offer with the best rates for you.
    If you pay off your $1,500 loan after borrowing from us, we will always ensure to improve your credit score by submitting your information to a reputable credit union. This way, you can easily build a good history and gain favor with other lenders.

    What You Must Consider When Borrowing $1,500 From Us?

    Before applying for short-term personal loans with us, you must first consider how urgent you need the installment loans. Also, you must consider how to repay this loan and the consequences of not paying the money. Note that your credit record determines the amount of money you will get from us. You will enjoy lower loan costs and a higher loan amount if you have a more robust credit history. Also, it would help to consider if you could get a loan from friends and family before coming to take a loan with us.

    Can I Get $1,500 in My Location?

    Our team works hard to ensure that all applicants get their payday loans in all locations. However, we only provide loans to all 37 states that support payday loans. If you are in California, Nevada, and Texas, you will surely get your loan amount once you have an active bank account.
    In some of the states we operate, we have restrictions on how much we can offer. Some states, like South Dakota, restrict the interest on loans. Note that we do not offer loans in states where payday loans are not legalized, like New York.

    How to Repay My $1,500 Loan?

    We work hard to make loan repayments easy for our customers. Hence, we usually withdraw the monthly payments from your checking account on the agreed day until you fully pay off your loan and the interest. Also, you can pay off your loan earlier than scheduled if you have the money in place. However, you must contact your lender to ensure you are not defaulting on your agreements before making early repayments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I get a $1,500 bad credit loan?

    We work hard to ensure you can get a payday loan, even with your bad credit report.

    What is the interest price cap on $1,500 bad credit loans?

    The interest rates vary depending on your resident state. Additionally, the interest rates also depend on your credit history.

    What is the repayment period for 1500 dollar loans?

    Depending on the lender you pick, you can enjoy a 1 to 60-month repayment plan.

    Secure $1500 Loans For Bad Credit 

    Don’t stress over where you will get a $1500 loan for your emergency. Our application process is quick and easy. Apply with Money-Wise today and get the money you need.