Money Wise – Privacy Policy

Are you in need of a loan? Money Wise is one of the leading online lending companies. The company does its best to connect its clients to suitable lenders with affordable offers to prevent them from accumulating debt.

Money Wise is one of the most reliable lending platforms that strives to deliver excellence to its customers. Correspondingly, the transparency in the brand’s approach enhances people’s trust in the quality of its performance. The company works hand in hand with a network of verified lenders to ensure fast action. Not to mention, the brand delivers hard cash to its clients within 24 hours of the loan approval.

Undeniably, Money Wise has earned its high ratings and its customers’ trust by satisfying millions of customers with its customer-oriented policies. Nevertheless, like all other brands, Money Wise has its own privacy policies. 

Privacy Policy

Money Wise is a brand catering to the needs of millions of people. Therefore, to ensure transparency, the brand has a Privacy Policy that elaborates on how the company obtains, saves, discloses, and uses the information of its users. The Privacy Policy maintains transparency between the company and its website users and allows the company to safeguard its user’s data.

The Privacy Policy also plays a primary role in regulating the personal and non-personal data of the users they provide to the site. However, users can contact the company if they wish to retract their information details from the site’s records.

Using the site’s services is only permissible for U.S. residents 18 years or above. Also, all the site’s operations comply with state and federal law. Correspondingly, when users submit their information through the online form for registration, they accept the Terms and Conditions and the website’s Privacy Policy. Thereby, the user verifies that they understand both documents’ details.  Hence, all users must spend quality time reviewing these documents thoroughly before providing personal details.

If you do not agree with the website’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy or are uncomfortable with how the company will use your information, you should quit using the website. Additionally, do not provide your information through any means, and refrain from filling out the online form. 

You can contact the brand for further information about navigating the website or utilizing its services. However, if you decline either of the two documents, it is best for you to leave the website. 

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The website obtains your personally identifiable information (PII) through the online application form that is necessary for registration purposes. The Privacy Policy regulates the future use of the PII. Not to mention, PII is a fundamental requirement for the company to be able to provide its services to users. Hence, you should not submit your PII if you do not require the site’s services. 

Some of the basic information that falls under the category of PII includes full name, residential address, contact information, email address, bank details, SSN, etc. Nevertheless, your SSN and account details are used solely to search for the most suitable services that fulfill your needs. 

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Apart from PII, the site also collects information like your IP address, the operating system, browser details, and geolocation. These are a few examples of data that is considered non-personally identifiable information (NPII). The site collects this data irrespective of whether you submit your PII. Moreover, NPII is also sent to third parties with which the company is bound in contract. However, you can request for them to stop using Your NPII.

Usage of Your PII

The company can only utilize your PII per the Privacy Policy. The PII you submit in the application form is crucial in matching you with lenders that allow you to score the loans you wish. This information is safeguarded as it is saved under a strong security line and encryption.

Also, the company uses your information to prevent you from falling prey to cybercrimes like fraud and scams. Not to mention, Your PII also helps the company come into contact with you.

Nevertheless, Your PII can only be saved and used if you give your consent by clicking on the box. The company can disclose your PII to legal or authorized authorities in certain situations where it is necessary. These include, but are not limited to, preventing a crime, compliance with legal procedures, protecting the belongings of the site’s owner, or for public and personal safety.

Also, the brand can disclose your basic PII (except highly sensitive information like account information, SSN, etc.) to third parties under contract with the company for technical expertise.

Third-Party Marketing

For marketing purposes, the company might share Your PII, other than confidential information like SSN and bank details, with third-party advertisers for marketing purposes. It can also be forwarded to third-party lenders who can offer you products that interest You. Nevertheless, if you do not want to receive marketing offers, you can unsubscribe and extract your PII from a third party.

The company can also use your NPII to keep track of Your behavioral activities, such as your internet browsing details. Hence, these third parties can offer you more customized offers that interest you.

Using PII for Verification

Apart from all other uses, third-party lenders also use your PII for verification purposes. The lenders may verify your ID through your SSN. Not to mention, many lenders require credit verification before they give their approval. Hence, they use your PII to obtain a credit report from credit bureaus to ensure the credibility of the information you have provided.

Requesting a credit report adversely affects your credit score. Therefore, when accepting the site’s policies, remember that you consent to verify your identity and credit details.


Agreeing to the site’s documentation, you explicitly consent the website’s owners to use your information for marketing and advertising. The fundamental modes of advertisements include telemarketing and emails. Therefore, the company may utilize your contact information to try to communicate with you on call. Not to mention, in compliance with the amended telemarketing sales rule, even if your number is on the do-not-contact registry, the site, and the third-party marketers and lenders can still use it to call you because of your freely given consent.

Collecting Non-personally Identifiable Information (NPII)

To make your online experience unique and customized for your needs and interests, the site collects non-personally identifiable information. NPII includes browsing history, geolocation, IP details, and geolocation. The site collects NPII through its cookies, browser analysis tools, and pixel tags.


Whenever a user clicks a website, the site’s server automatically assigns them small files, i.e., the site’s cookies. This assignment is a response to the various online activities. You perform on the website. These cookies collect data from your computer and forward them to the company. Besides collecting data about your online presence and preferences, cookies can also detect cyber threats and prevent security breaches. 

Web Beacons and Pixel Tags

Web beacons and pixel tags are other features to personalize the user’s experiences. These monitor the session activity of users and allow the website to adjust its marketing according to the users’ needs.

Log Files

Another feature that keeps a record of your NPII is log files. These contain information about your IP address, OS, browser, clicking history, exiting and referral pages, ISP, and the platform you use. These files help enhance the web experience of users.

Privacy Management

Management of the user’s privacy is a core aim that the company wishes to fulfill. Hence, the Privacy Policy clarifies how the company can use its user’s PII and NPII information. Nevertheless, the site allows Users to limit the use of their information. Not to mention, it is also possible for you to extract your information.

Securing Your PII

The use of Your PII is strictly in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which complies with security and privacy measures to ensure there is no misuse of the information. Not to mention, the company protects the user’s PII from malicious activities and cyber practices that can lead to the misuse of the information. The site protects the User’s PII and uses both physical and electronic measures to protect it from unauthorized use, loss, and modifications.

Collection Information From Children

The website works in compliance with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act. Hence, it filters the PII to detect if the user is below the age of 18 and immediately deletes the information. The site does not voluntarily collect, save, and use the information provided by users below 18 years.


In accordance with federal law, when a user signs an e-document, they express their free consent. Therefore, as per the Global National Commerce Act, if users provide their e-signatures on documentation, they agree to provide information, receive notifications and updates, and allow the website to use the information as outlined in the Privacy Policy.