Money Wise – Terms & Conditions

Money Wise is one of the leading lending platforms. The transparency of the company’s policies has enhanced people’s trust in it. Not to mention, the remarkable performance over the years adds to the company’s credibility.

The brand is one of the most accessible for obtaining fast cash as it connects you to verified third-party lenders within 60 minutes of your application submission. Moreover, the company takes great care to connect you to the lenders that best suit your needs.

The company’s policies and lenders are such that it prevents its customers from falling into debt. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to learn the details about the company’s Terms and Conditions before you use the platform to apply for a loan.

Terms and Conditions

Money Wise is a platform that provides a middle ground for its clients to connect with the third-party lenders under its contract. However, the company in itself is not a financial entity or a lender. Moreover, the brand does not offer or create financial products and services.

Fundamentally, the company’s role is to search and match clients with suitable loan providers. Not to mention, for a user to be able to utilize the company’s services and connect with the contracted third-party lenders, they must fill out and submit the online registration form. However, users should thoroughly review these documents before giving consent to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy

Users below 18 years are strictly banned in accordance with federal law. Additionally, the company only provides services to residents of the U.S. Nonetheless, this site’s services are unavailable in a few states like New York because of the state laws on short-term lending. In case you disagree with the Terms and Conditions, You should not submit your personal information and quit using the website.

Company Services

The company does not provide services in a financial capacity. Instead, it connects loan providers to website users. Through Money Wise, loan providers can lend up to $1000. However, the exact loan amount is dependent on state regulations. Not to mention, the decision for Your loan approval is also taken by the third-party lenders. Their decision depends on various factors, including your credit history. Furthermore, the company does not guarantee the approval of your desired loan amount and terms.

Users must identify that the company is not responsible for the loan terms and the amount of any credit product. Instead, credit decisions fall under third-party lenders. Users show their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by using the website. Hence, you recognize that the company does not hold for any financial or non-financial loss or damage that you may face.

Users must fill out an online application form that asks for their personal details to utilize the website’s services and score the desired loan. These details are saved and used in accordance with the company’s Privacy Policy.

Legal Use and Rights

The company does not allow using its website content for marketing and commercial purposes. Moreover, the website is copyright protected. Hence, any unauthorized use and reproduction of the site’s content can lead to legal repercussions. The usage of the site’s data is only allowed in compliance with regulatory documents of the company, including the Terms and Conditions.

All content on the website is copyrighted, making it liable to the laws of U.S. intellectual property. The company solely reserves the proprietary and ownership rights of the site’s content. The duplication, marketing, or unauthorized use of the site’s content is prohibited.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The company does not guarantee any of its services to the users. Instead, the offered services and products are available as they are. Not to mention, the company can alter its services and products without prior notification. Moreover, users can utilize the site’s services at their own risk after thoroughly reading the regulatory documents. 

The company also does not provide any warranty that its services will meet your desired needs. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the technology and services will be secure and flawless. The site does not guarantee the security of third-party software and tools. Hence, the company is not liable for any loss that may occur as a result of any of the aforementioned.

Liability Limits

Users cannot hold the company responsible for any loss or damage, whether incidental or collateral, that they may suffer while utilizing the site’s services or due to the facilities provided by the matched third-party lenders. However, you can only hold the company liable for the money you paid to access the website to compensate for the loss you face because of it.

Privacy Policy for Marketing

By submitting the online registration form, you express your free consent that the website can use, store, and forward your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The company holds the right to forward your personal information to third-party marketers and loan providers unless you request otherwise. However, you can contact them if you wish to retract your personal details from the third-party service provider’s lists.

Third-Party Service Providers

The company’s website may have links to some third-party software and tools. Nevertheless, the company is not responsible for the content available on these third-party websites. Therefore, the company is not liable for any kind of damage. You may suffer while using the third-party website. Also, the company does not endorse any third-party website and vice versa. Hence, the users hold responsibility for their actions and accept the risks of accessing any third-party site through the company’s website.

Export Restriction

Primarily, the company only provides services to U.S. residents. However, the export restrictions further limit the use of the site’s services. As a result of embargo conditions, people from Iran, Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, and North Korea cannot utilize the site’s services and products. 

Not to mention, services cannot be provided in all the other countries that the U.S. legislation bans. While agreeing to the site’s Terms and Conditions, you verify that you do not belong to any of the aforementioned groups.


When you continue to use the site and agree to its Terms and Conditions, you provide the company, its affiliates, parent and subsidiary companies, and its individual employees and agents an indemnification and accept their harmlessness. Thereby, you agree not to press charges resulting from the improper use of the site from your end, violating the company’s Terms and Conditions, or any miscommunication or fallout between you and the third-party lender.

Complete Agreement

The contingencies mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, which is one of the company’s regulatory documents, organize a complete agreement. This document compiles all the aspects that create the foundation for the relationship between the company and the users. Moreover, this creates a clear understanding of both parties’ rights, regulations, and services. This complete agreement is the basic document that will be considered in case of violations and disputes. 

Modification and Updates

The Terms and Conditions of use are subject to change. Hence, the company reserves the right to update and modify the document without prior notifications to the users. The latest Terms of Use document update comes into effect immediately after the company publishes it on its site. However, this may vary in case the company sets a future date for the effectiveness of the document. Therefore, it is best for all users to regularly check the regulatory documents of the site to keep updated with the latest revisions. The company reserves the right to send email notices to users about the upcoming changes in its documents.

Severability and Termination

Provisions that are proven to be obsolete are illegal as per the state or federal laws and will be terminated as the legal regulations hold precedence over the company’s documentation. Nevertheless, all the other terms will hold. The company has the right to decide whether it will enforce any of its provisions. However, it does not mean that the company is liable to waive other terms of this document as well.

The company can terminate your access to the site’s services if you fail to abide by the company’s Terms of Use. Moreover, violation of the site’s laws and unlawful usage can lead to the termination of your access to the site. On the other hand, to end the agreement from your end, you can quit using the site.


Disputes resulting from the site’s unlawful usage are subject to legal regulations from state authorities that regulate that company’s license. Users can file official legal complaints by reaching out to relevant authorities that resolve such disputes in accordance with state and federal legislation. Nevertheless, users can only file arbitrations per the agreed-upon terms while accepting the Terms and Conditions. According to this regulatory document, users waive their right to represent themselves in court through legal counsel. Also, you give up your right to become a part of class action suits against the company.